The Romulo Café Loyalty Card

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1) Text REG plus the last 8 digits of your FriiCard number to 07800 000 401

2) A text message will be sent confirming your card has been registered

3) Login at to access your account status and additional services. To log into your account, just input the last 8 digits of your card and the mobile number used to register

Swipe & collect

Swipe your FriiCard whenever you spend at participating outlets and your FriiCredit will be collected and banked for you automatically.

Auto Redeem

Swipe your FriiCard and Frii will automatically send you instructions for your chosen redemption.

*By registering you are accepting FriiWorld terms and conditions (available online).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does your loyalty scheme work?

Every time you visit us we will credit your Romulo Café Loyalty Card (part of the Frii card programme) with a percentage of what you spend. When you have enough credit you will receive your chosen benefit and any instructions by text.

Q. What benefits do I get?
If you have a Green Romulo Café Loyalty Card, 5% of your bill is credited to your card.
By default, your benefit is a £25 Amazon Gift Card. However you may select from a range of rewards, including iTunes credit, mobile top-up, pamper and experience days, holidays or you can even give your reward to charity. You can change your benefit when you login to your account.

Q. How do I register my loyalty card?
In order to register your Romulo Café Loyalty Card by mobile phone, simply text the word “reg” followed by the last 8 digits of your Loyalty card number to 07800 000 401.

Q. How do I receive my reward?
Once you have collected enough credits to redeem, you will receive your reward automatically by text to the mobile you have used to register.

Q. How do I check my loyalty balance?
Visit and use your registered mobile number and last 8 digits of your Romulo Café Loyalty Card to check the balance of that card and view your loyalty transactions.

Q. How long does it take to get my loyalty reward?
Your discount is recorded straight away; however, it may take up to 14 days for the balance to be collected and put towards your reward. All loyalty rewards are shown as either current or pending when you check your balance.

Q. Where can I use my Romulo Café Loyalty Card?
Aside from Romulo Café, of course, you can use you card to gain credits anywhere that displays the Frii Symbol and accepts Frii.

Q. How much credit (or how many credits) do I get?
Your Romulo Café Loyalty card credits 5% of your bill to your card.

Other locations with the Frii Symbol offer different discounts, so it is always best to ask at the store you are visiting.


Prefer to make your reservation via phone? Give us a call! You can contact us between 10am and 10pm every day of the week.

020 3141 6390


Romulo Café & Restaurant London,
343 Kensington High Street
London, W8 6NW

020 3141 6390

Wonder foundation

We are proud to partner with Wonder Foundation, whose mission is to empower vulnerable communities through education.

Manila, Philippines

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