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Discover The Culinary
Delights Of The Philippines

A Unique And Unforgettable Taste Of The Philippines

The Philippines is renowned by foodies as Asia’s best kept culinary secret and we welcome you to enjoy a culinary adventure, where you will discover a wonderful cuisine, rich in flavour and heritage. We invite you to Romulo Café & Restaurant to indulge in our family’s much-loved recipes, which have been handed down over generations.

During your visit to Romulo Café & Restaurant, we hope you will delight in our warm hospitality and the feeling of being part of an extended family as well as enjoy the comfort of our beautiful and inviting restaurant, reminiscent of our grandparents’ home in the Philippines.

We are the perfect destination for family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, weddings and special events or intimate dining and a much-loved part of the local Kensington community. Whether you are dining in, ordering take-aways and deliveries or hosting a private event with us, we deliver an abundance on flavour, ambience and warm, sincere hospitality.


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A Family Legacy
Transported To London

The inspiration behind Romulo Café & Restaurant comes from nostalgic and happy memories sitting around our grandparents’ dinner table enjoying the exceptional hospitality of our grandfather Carlos P. Romulo, one of the Philippines’ greatest statesmen, and the culinary prowess of our grandmother, Virginia Llamas Romulo, who had to entertain the many diplomats and dignitaries that visited our home.

The core recipes we use have been handed down through the generations, lovingly tweaked by our grandmother and now elevated and contemporised by our head Chef Allane Sia.

Our restaurant’s distinctive interiors were inspired by our beloved childhood home and we proudly display a great many family mementos in our four dining spaces, as well as photos of Romulo, my grandfather,  meeting important international dignitaries such as the Kennedys and the Pope.

Discover The Premier Destination For Fine Filipino Food In London

We have quickly become London’s go-to destination for exquisite Filipino food, lauded by local foodies, influencers and London’s Filipino community. We would love you to dine with us and embark on a culinary adventure of diverse and wonderful flavours.

Filipino cuisine beautifully and inventively combines flavours from both East and West, and our Head Chef, Allane Sia, skilfully and playfully brings to life an exciting menu of delightfully flavoursome dishes, prepared using sustainable, British produce, where all tastes and dietary preferences are catered for.

Traditional favourites such as our sizzling Chicken Inasal Sisig and Tito Greg’s Beef & Oxtail Kare-Kare together with our Chef’s new creations generously cater to every palate.  It’s the perfect cuisine for vegetarians, vegans, seafood, and meat-lovers alike.


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Indulge In A Cuisine Where Familiarity & Intrigue Intertwine

We have quickly become London’s go-to destination for exquisite Filipino food, following the success of our restaurants in Manila. Our menu is a melting pot of textures, flavours and ingredients and that’s what make its so great. It allows you to sample a variety of flavours and dishes – making it the perfect food for sharing! The vibrant, fresh and tropical flavours have a sense of familiarity and yet are surprisingly distinctive, providing a completely unique dining experience for you to discover and enjoy. (Vegetarians and Vegans are catered for in abundance!)


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Best Filipino Food In London

My wife and I have visited on back to back evenings. We enjoyed many different dishes and cocktails. The owners are very friendly and staff made us feel welcome. This is truly a taste of ‘home’ for those of us that hold the Philippines close to our hearts. Highly recommended.


Take A Guided Tour Of Our Restaurant And Bar


Take A Guided Tour Of Our Restaurant And Bar


Take A Guided Tour Of Our Restaurant And Bar


Take A Guided Tour Of Our Restaurant And Bar


Take A Guided Tour Of Our Restaurant And Bar