COVID-19 | Romulo Café & Restaurant


Welcome back!

We have been busy during the lockdown anticipating this day.  Following the guidelines issued by Her Majesty’s Government, prior to re-opening we completed an extensive risk assessment.

As a result:
Screens have been installed and the layout of the tables have been rearranged to facilitate social distance guidelines.
Our menu has been redesigned for guests who may prefer their own individualised meals.
We really missed you! During your visit, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make this occasion a magic moment.

Rowena and Chris


Bookings are limited to 6 people or two households

Before entering, everyone must scan with the NHS COVID-19 app or provide their name and contact details.  This is now a government requirement.
Please ensure children dining with your party are always under your supervision.
Take advantage of our sanitation stations located around the restaurant.


Please feel free to request a complimentary mask or gloves for your travel home from the restaurant

To maintain proper social distancing, we will mitigate any proximity to the foot traffic flow in the restaurant or the neighbouring table with screens. Do not hesitate to ask us to move these screens to your table if this will help you feel safe while dining with us.

Note any guidance we have posted around the restaurant to help you maintain safe social distancing.
Be careful of any possible congestion in the hallway leading to the toilets, when entering and exiting the front door or leading to the main dining room and library. Please wear a mask if you think you will need it. Kindly allow the person exiting to pass prior to your entering these areas.



Prior to reopening for dine in, we commissioned a professional cleaning company to administer clinically tested chemicals in the air, covering the entire surface area of our restaurant.

This technology provides a long-lasting protective shield on any surface that it is applied to killing off 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

We strongly encourage reservations and contactless payments.

We have decreased our capacity to ensure we can all maintain sufficient social distance.

The lavatories will be cleaned and sanitised more frequently. Please do not hesitate to advise us if you find that these areas need cleaning up.

You’ll find that we are keeping as many doors open to help improve circulation.

We have installed anti-bacterial door handles and replaced our door push plates which help control cross contamination.


Please pardon our use of pre-packaged salt, pepper and sugar. You will always be able to request your favourite ‘sawsawan’.

Our team has been instructed to wash their hands more frequently and continuet to use santiser even with their gloves on.

Your cutlery, tableware and glasses will be provided with the food ordered.

We’ve enhanced sanitation policies and minimised direct interaction among staff members and between staff and with our dining guests wherever possible.

We apologise in advance if you find that there is a delay in seating you. We will not seat you until the area has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

At any time during your visit, we will be happy to talk you through all the extra measures we’ve undertaken to ensure you have a safe dining experience with us.