Truffled Chicken Adobo “Romulo Style”

A Filipino classic, Norfolk chicken cooked in soy sauce, garlic and cane vinegar drizzled with black truffle sauce and served with bok choy and sweet potato

Char Grilled Stuffed Squid (Rellenong Pusit) GF

Squid stuffed with tomato, cheese and onion flavoured with garlic and annatto oil served on a bed of squid ink with aioli sauce

Whole Roasted Sea Bass GF

British fished sea bass served with lettuce and tomato salad (ensaladang kamatis) dressed in a salted egg emulsion

Braised Grass Fed British Rib of Beef (Crispy Beef Tadyang)

Slow cooked and seasoned with honey chilli glaze served with pickled cabbage

Truffled Pork Belly Adobo “Romulo Style” (Adobong Baboy)

Dingley Dell pork belly slow cooked in soy, garlic and cane vinegar drizzled with black truffle sauce and served with bok choi and sweet potato

Chilli King Prawns (Sugpo sa Aligue)

Sautéed in coconut milk and lobster coulis served with freshly made moringa noodles

Taro Leaves Laing with Sauteed Jackfruit GF

Taro leaves in sweet coconut cream reduction and spices with sauteed jackfruit served in a deep fried spring roll cup

Mixed Vegetable Sinigang Soup GF,V,Vg

This tamarind flavoured broth is characterised by its tangy and sour taste and prepared with spinach, moringa, daikon and aubergine

Kesong Puti & Beetroot Salad GF,V,Vg

Filipino soft, unaged, white cheese made from goat milk and salt curdled with vinegar and citrus juices served with cooked beetroot, baby spinach leaves and a honey mustard dressing

Sizzling Chicken Inasal Sisig

Jack Brand diced chicken thighs marinated in annatto, ginger, green chili, garlic, and lemongrass served on a sizzling skillet