Our Story | Romulo Café & Restaurant

Introducing Londoners
To Fine Filipino Cuisine

Step Back In Time
Into Our Family Home…

As a child, one of my favourite moments were when the whole family was gathered around my grandparents table for family meals. The large, elegant heritage house we lived in, always felt so full of warmth, joy, people and life. My grandfather, Carlos P. Romulo, one of the Philippines’ most eminent diplomats, would share stories with his grandchildren of his life travelling the world meeting dignitaries (like the Kennedy’s and the Pope), whilst our grandmother, Lola Virginia, would orchestrate the kitchen and serve up all of our favourite dishes, made to her own signature recipes.


The Inspiration Behind
Our Restaurant

General Carlos P. Romulo was Philippine Ambassador to the United States, President of the United Nations General Assembly (his signature is on the UN charter) and the longest serving Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines. He was also the first Filipino to win a Pulitzer Prize and awarded the highest American civilian award, the Medal of Freedom.


Introducing London To
Filipino Cuisine

Following our four critically acclaimed restaurants in Manila, we were passionate about introducing London, the food capital of Europe, to Asia’s best kept culinary secret……authentic Filipino cuisine.

At the core, our flavours are very fresh and authentic, originating from my grandmother’s recipes but they have been elevated and refined and adapted to include more options for Vegetarian and Vegan offerings and with a focus on health and nutrition.

We also wanted to have fun with our menu and have given creative freedom to Chef Sia resulting in some extraordinary dishes that create a total food experience.

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A Filipino Family
Legacy Lives On In Kensington

We are exceptionally proud to have created such a unique and exciting new dining experience in London. Restaurant awards aside, it truly warms our hearts that our restaurant has been embraced by foodies, our local Kensington community and London’s Filipinos who have made it their go-to dining venue.

Hearing diners comment how they haven’t experienced food like ours anywhere and how wonderful it is to be in a restaurant where they receive such a warm welcome and service is honestly why we do what we do.


A Wonderful Discovery

The reputation of Romulo serving the best Filipino food in London is well deserved. I’m only sorry it’s taken us so long to learn about this place. We’ve been here a couple of times with friends. Everything is excellent- the freshly prepared food with fantastic sauces, the informal ambience and the friendly, knowledgeable staff. It’s becoming one of our regular ‘go to’ places.